Inustrial PC based controller. We control whole process in cattle food mixig, from taking components from storage to packing final product. Parameter based process controll, recepties for different products.



According to the "Belgrade action of recycling" - OKTOPUS 2, sponsored by cabinet of the vice president of Republic, ministry for enviroment protection, ministry of culture, OEBS, Agency for protection of nature, Agency for recycling the robot bird is one of the major parts of manifestation. There are also other institutions that takes place like Faculty for machinery, Faculty for technology, Mathematical faculty etc. Complete logistic is provided by SFERA NO.










"Belgrade recycling action" is new approach to common problem of saving life environment. It seems to be some kind of public call to the people to take a place in this manifestation by bringing wide range of waste that can be recycled (metal cans, plastic bottles, paper,...). In return they get ticket to freely enter in second part of manifestation such as movie projections, fashion reviews, theatre... Basicly, manifestation should engage wide population - kids, highschool, students, proffessors, experts for recycling to take place. One of the major parts of manifestation is automated robot bird for metal can recycling. This prototype is desinged by faculty for machinery Belgrade in asociation with several companies.

Govorment of Republic Serbia - vicepresident cabinet, Ministry for environment protection, Ministry of culture, Agency for environment protection of Republic Serbia, Agency for recycling of Republic Serbia.

City structures: Secretary for environment protection city od Belgrade, Old City, Vracar, New Belgrade, Palilula, KCB, faculty  of Machinery, Faculty of ..., FDU, faculty for technology PMF.

Private companies: ( FESTO, SIDZI, ZOF ELEKTRO) International organizations  (OSCE, NVO Kula, NVO Urbano Ekološka Grupa). Expert: Darinka Radojević - coordinator - vice president cabinet;

Coordinators: Cap. Petar Antić, NVO , Aleksandra Imširagić, opština "Savski venac"; proffesor dr. Miodrag Stoimenov - faculty for machinery Belgrade, mr Vladimir Rajović - faculty for electrical engeneering Belgrade, Mića Milorad Stajčić,  Nemanja Ladjić, Mr Leonora Vekić , Jugoslav Stojanov, Vladimir Petrović, Milan Grujić, Danijel Pavić, Goran Rubil, Dragan Najdenov; Vesna Danilović; Mr Milica Kuzmanović Janković; Author: mr Biljana Biba Vicković - president of SFERA No