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Usled promena na tržištu i potrebe da se preduzeće fokusira na tri primarna proizvodna polja (izrada prozivno redoslednih sistema QMS i informacionih pulteva, izrada glasačkih sistema i izrada elektronike i automatike za potrebe iStreetLight i xCube International) zatvorili smo servis računara i računarske opreme kao i maloprodajni deo preduzeća i preorjentisali smo se na saradnju sa pravnim licima isključivo. Za korisnike za koje važi garantni rok stojimo na raspolaganju.



ZE-MuLeS-01M is multi Level the acquisition system developed to ensure the collection (acquisition) of information with strict timing records when information is collected. Multi Level provides the abstract concept of the information collected and the independence of its physical resources. By using the flexible "smart" conditioner connected to a single multipoint network obtained is flexible and adaptive system for different needs. The first version of this system was used for data collection and monitoring in the processing of raspberries in cold storage "LAKI", Arilje.


Block diagram of the system for monitoring the processing of raspberries.

It is necessary to provide continuous "real time" data acquisition with 14 keys and six barcode scanners with a precise time for each event.

Information on the status of key and scanned bar codes must be submitted on PC rčunaru which executes application software, based on information from the scanner (S1) and the status of key and generates the appropriate printer prints self-adhesive label with information about the origin and class of products.

After pasting labels on packaged product and the measured (proper class) output scanners (S2, S3, S4, S5 and S6) provided information on finalizovanoj output unit of goods, so that the lap record from input to output closes.

All input devices (barcode scanners, and keys) are linked to the unique multipoint bus controlled ZE-AM-4 data acquisition server. Data are collected from input devices cyclic roll call of each device and stored database. Application software on the PC to access the database, reads the status of input devices and based on that process the information and print labels on appropriate printers.

All printers are available applicative PC via ethernet network.

Block diagram of data flow